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Bulk actions in contact lists

 Bulk actions in contact lists

i.e. choose hard bounces, bulk delete all

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I'd like to chime in and second that as a broad topic, and specifically, I would like to be able to move and/or copy contacts between lists.

Currently, the only way I have found is by manually exporting contacts from one list, and manually importing them to another. This would be especially helpful in our case, because contacts are opting into very specific lists, based on a certain upcoming event date. Prior to the event, the individuals in that list can be sent confirmations, reminders, and follow up. After passing through the full process, it would be much more convenient if we were able to simply move or copy them into the main broadcast group again.

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I would like to second this request. This is one of the first things I noticed as a flaw with Maropost. There is no way to take bulk actions with contacts: move between lists, delete them, add to new lists, split a list into smaller segments, clear them from a list etc. 

Thanks for the input.  However, the requested capabilities with lists is not one that we will consider for the moment.

Maropost Marketing Cloud is a list-based subscription management platform.  This means that contacts' subscriptions are all managed at the list-level.  Adding a contact in the suggested manner potentially means opting a contact into a list for which he has not given express consent to do so.

I full acknowledge that nothing prevents the marketer from simply exporting contacts out of one list and importing them into another list.  That is the marketers own decision to do so.  Just like it is the marketer's decision to upload any list of contacts acquired from a non-express consent source.

Proper use of cleansing rules will also remove contacts from lists. While their association with a list may still remain for data purposes, they will no longer be included in any list counts nor segments.

I understand this is not a "support" forum, but what would you suggest as a solution to having leads who opt in as a registration for a specific event be included in "general" communications going forward beyond the event date?

For example, I'm promoting an online training class event both to my current "all contacts" list, AND to raw traffic on Facebook...  So I set up a new list, and all contacts who register for the class are going into that new "event specific" list.  Naturally, I will continue with multiple promotions to the "all contacts" list, AND I'll choose the "event specific" list as a "do NOT email" list, so I don't continue asking registrants to register for the event.  I will ALSO send specific event reminders and pre-event materials TO all contacts in the "event specific" list.

That all makes sense.  Send the right messages to the right groups.

BUT, after the event is over, and I've sent follow up materials, I have only two options:
#1 - mark (or remember) to include the "event" list as part of every future "all contacts" send batch.
#2 - export all "event" list contacts, and import them manually IN to the "all contacts" list, for future communications.

That's a big hassle.  And as you mentioned, there IS NOT a way to prevent marketers from creating new lists, and importing the same group of contacts over and over again, until they actually mark it as "spam" or whatever triggers a platform-wide block of them receiving emails.

It gets even more messy if I'd like to send every contact who is NEW to the "all contacts" list through a Welcome workflow, and then have them move into the "all contacts" list...

So, while I understand your point, I'd sure like an easier way to move people around!  Because all that moving around between lists is not only a big hassle, it's actually MORE likely that I'm going to forget once to filter out the "good" and "bad" contacts during the move.

Maybe in the future, you'd have an ability to "copy/move" contacts between lists that would ONLY allow subscribed contacts who've NOT hard bounced or marked an email as "spam".  That would save a lot of manual steps, and still keep the list moving "safe" and permission based.


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