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Note Hover in WorkFlow Builder

It would be nice to have a notes feature for each trigger so you could hover over it and see either a note.  For example, when adding a new subscription trigger, it would be nice to hover over it to see which list applies to the trigger rather than having to open it.

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Hello Matt,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We are already in discussion with our Dev team on this and we may implement this soon. 

Let us know if you have any other thoughts which can help us make our app more user friendly.

Thanks and Regards,

Karan Singh


I had a similar thought and thought I'd tag on to your chat.  When building workflows with multiple emails (or other elements) it would be nice to see the name of the email replace the standard "Send Email" label on the icon.  An alternative would be a hover feature as per above, but the label would allow for quicker validation.


Curtis Rushing

Completely agree, it would be great to see the contents of each element at a glance.

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