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Google Analytic Integration

It would be great if we could integrate our email campaigns with Google Analytics.  We currently create custom links with Google's URL Builder for each email campaign so we can track our list performance through Google Analytics.  

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Yes we absolutely need this integration, which should be relatively easy to implement

Agreed, definitely a must have. 

Do you manually add the Google Analytics tracking parameters to each URL or have you set it up as a tag? I'm hoping to figure out a way to do this dynamically.

Here is the dynamic URLS I use, this makes it so you can differentiate each campaign that goes out in analytics.  This is the structure of the url I use.  In analytics the utm content will show up like this:

September 24, 2015-CAMPAIGN NAME{{other.time_stamp}}-{{}}

Hi Sarah, 
We currently add the parameters to each URL which allows us to track traffic to our website. 

We code each link as follows:

I always change the term so we can track which link is clicked on in the Email Overlay within MaroPost.  If you use the same link URL for each link, the overlay will give you the same stats on each link.  We like to know which link is being clicked compared to which links are not clicked.

This is a great link to help -

Thanks for the help, Matt & Craig! That at least solves the problem of tying the emails to the utm_campaign parameter in Google Analytics.

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