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Google Analytics Tracking Parameters

We'd like to add the four Google Analytics tracking parameters to each link in our emails (even the header & footer). What's the best way to go about doing this? I know we could manually do it for each email, but I'm hoping there's a more dynamic way. Ideally we want the header & footer links to change for each campaign so we can't just edit the template. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

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Hey. Sarah! I'm Alsu from

We added to url this code to a footer: 


So by {{}} we'll be able to find groups of campaigns, because we have standard naming for different types. But this will be solved with a new feature - campaign tag, that Maropost is releasing. So as utm campaign we should be able to use campaign tag (so you can tag several campaigns/ campaigns in journey) 

by Campaign ID we can find information about each email specifically; 


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