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Folder structure navigation

When you navigate down the various levels of folders supported on the left-most side of the application, such as those used for organizing segments, and choose to edit an object such as a segment, when you complete the edit process and click save on the item, the application refreshes and you are again taken back to the top-level of the folder hierarchy. 

You must then again navigate down the various levels of the folder hierarchy to continue working on the group of objects, in this case lists, that you were focusing on at the time.  

This is a significant waste of time and very frustrating from a user-experience perspective.  It would be ideal if the system could persist your current location within the folder structure after performing actions such as saving a segment, list, etc.

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MP - can you please provide an ETA for delivery of this request?  The current system limitation is costing our team hours a day in loss of productivity.

Hi Ricardo,

No ETA at this point.  Dev Team is working on enhancements that have been previously submitted by clients earlier in the queue.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Hi Manny - can you please provide insight into the prioritization process for new feature requests? How do we go about ranking and viewing the priority of feature requests submit by other clients? 

In the case of this specific item, I see this as a fix to a feature that was not implemented in a usable fashion - in it's current state, we are forced to navigate up and down the folder hierarchy countless times per day as we are working through configuring our entire instance and spending hours on end in the system.



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