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Segment Reporting

It would be incredibly useful to have more insight into the behavior of my segments. For example, if I send a promo email campaign that includes a segment I'm trying to reactivate (which I'm defining as not engaging with email in the last 181-365 days), I would like an easy way to see how many users in this segment actually engaged with my email (to see if it was successful or not compared to benchmark). 

Currently, the only way I can see how a segment engaged is fairly cumbersome. I have to generate a custom report by that campaign, and apply rules for 1 segment at a time. I send to dozens of segments per email, based on content strategy and send cadence determinations. Therefore, generating 1 report per segment is not at all convenient. 

This is also a feature many of your competitors have. Below, I've included a screenshot from Campaign Monitor. This breakout is on a per/campaign level. 

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This is a great idea Callie, we'll look into it asap!

How do they handle this if a contact is in more than one segment? Do they get counted in multiple groups?

Thanks for looking into this Tom!  

If the contact is in more than one segment in a campaign, they would only be counted once (in whichever segment that contact was counted as mailed in). You wouldn't want a contact to appear in multiple segments because it would inflate your sent count, making analysis difficult. 

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