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Segment Builder Consistency

I was recently trying to build a segment in the segment builder based off of a table. 

I was trying to build the following segment:

Rule 1:

Table exampletablehere WHERE email is not empty

However, the options for "is empty" and "is not empty" are missing in the drop down menu. 

I don't understand why this option is missing here. In the table, the email field is marked as Data Type email. 

If I were trying to build a segment off of Contact Information email (which I assume would be Data Type email), the drop down menu would contain "is empty" and "is not empty".

Can you please be consistent throughout the platform with the segmentation options for the various data types. 

Hi Callie,

Thank you for your submission to the Feature Requests Forum.

Allow me to explain to you how Relational Tables works.  That way you have a better understanding of how segmentation using relational tables works.

Segmenting a relational table where email "is not empty" is unnecessary.  All segments by definition only select active contacts.  This information is stored in the Contacts database.  The link between a record in a Relational Table to the Contacts database is by way of the special "Email" field.  By definition the selection of a record in a relational table can ONLY be done where the email field is not empty AND there is a matching value on the email address between a contact record and a relational table record.  For this reason, the filter option "Is Not Empty" for an Email field would be redundant.  

To avoid future confusion regarding how relational tables work, I will update our online help for Relational Tables to be more explanatory.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud 

Great - thanks for explaining Manny!

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