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Workflow feature update request

In the workflow area, on the main screen where you see the icons like API - Email 1 - close

I'd love to see a feature added that allows you to change the EMAIL 1 name that shows up right below the icon, so that you can name it like:

Email 1 - Workshop Confirmation
Email 2 - Workhop Reminder 1

etc... so that when you look at the workflow, in icon mode, it's very clear as to what each email icon is sending out. Because it's very hard to set up a long workflow, then go back in and set-up each email title / subject / content inside the icon if you have to click to open to see the name to make sure it's the correct one.

I hope this is a feature you can add because as of now, your workflow is very confusing when you don't see what email is in each icon.


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Yes, this is an enhancement that has been documented previously.

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