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Add search feature and improve load times in dropdowns for segments

Right now if you create a segment and you select "sent", or "clicked" or "opened" and you choose "campaign", right now maropost loads a dropdown with EVERY campaign ever sent, including all variations on split tests.

This needs to be improved as we have 1000+ campaigns and its impossible to find things, and it really delays load time.

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Hi Craig,

Agreed that this is a cumbersome feature.

We are going to be replacing this option with a more intelligent search option --- one similar to the user experience in other places in the application (filter for list name in Campaign Editor screen, filter for campaigns in Custom Report editor screen etc.)

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

To add to this, having the segmentation ability for "Campaign" using the "contains" would be very helpful as most would incorporate some type of naming convention.

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