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Custom header


Hi there,

Hope you are well.

We would like to request a custom header feature, identical to the footer management one, but for headers, so we can customize the headers too. Could you please make this happen?

Please, let us know.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,


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Quick follow up on that 7months-old idea.

Any plan for such feature?

This become even more a great feature with the Drag and Drop editor

  • Custom Header + Custom Footer : this guarantee optimal branding & corporate UX
  • The rest in between is purely the campaign content, and would be easily managed by a drag and drop editor according to what has to be sent.

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks Julien, still no news on this front, we are using this info in HTML, but onfortunately it´s not very optimal. Also using by default "View online" from maropost is not an option especially for other languages, as the text is not very good. 

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