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Add [Test] to test email subject

Right now, test emails have the same subject as the actual campaign.

Would be nice to have [Test] in the subject so recipients know that it's a test email.

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This would be an extremely helpful feature for both myself and my clients.

I have a couple of issues with the testing through the tool:

- we should be able to send tests with dynamic/personalized tags in view for each segment within the tool and when we send tests to other team members 

- have the ability to send tests to individual emails and not set up a list beforehand

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Agree with Elise. Dynamic testing is very, very frustrating. Often when you test, you generally just want to make sure that the list you are using was uploaded with the fields mapped correctly, or that table values have mapped correctly. To do this, you want to be able to generate a test list with random users and check that the fields are filling in as expected. 

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