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Easy way to add contact to multiple lists

One of the representatives monitoring your Live Chat suggested I make a request here.

I manage the email lists for multiple brands through a single account on Maropost. Occasionally, we have an existing contact who would like  to be added to multiple lists as they are interested in the products offered by those brands.

It seems strange to me that there is no easy way to do this. Either I have to use an api call (which I have no idea how to make use of) or I have to write a work flow -  for one contact. Other ESPs we have used have an easy check box solution for this. It would be quite helpful if there was an easy way to add single contacts to selected lists without a lot of workaround.

Thanks for providing a forum for these requests.


Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas

MAC Group

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Hi Colleen,

Sorry for the delayed response.  I didn't see your request appear in the list that I usually respond to.

Are you using our hosted signup forms?  Is there any limitation currently that prevents you from accomplishing this task?  Normally, you have the option to specify which list you want to appear in the hosted signup form.  

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Hi Manny,
The above is an old ticket that was responded to awhile ago. This issue I was having this time involved getting the number for the total number of subscribes and unsubscribes for the full year (2016). For some reason your on-line chat support could not answer that question. First telling me he would have to check with the back end team and then telling me that those numbers only existed for the current quarter. Unknown to me, another teammate contacted tech support around the same time and was able to get instructions for building a few segments that provided the data we needed. Not sure why the on-line chat folks couldn't give me the same information. We've gotten it resolved anyway. We've also been put in touch with Jessica Rayner for further training.  Thanks for checking in!


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