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Display open rate, click rate etc on Reports main page instead of raw numbers.

Is it possible to add Click-to-open rate (or some kind of rate) instead of just raw numbers to the area highlighted in red. 

Would be nice to be able to quickly glance these stats across numerous sends in one place without having to run a report or open up multiple tabs to view them all. 

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Hi Michael,

What is the objective you are trying to achieve with this information?

We are always concerned about page load times.  Ratios are calculated values that would have to be calculated each time a page is rendered.  For this request, we don't display ratios on this page.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud


I strongly vote for having rates instead of raw numbers to have a quick overview of the KPIs , actually this is what the summary is for, right? 250 opens say nothing to me , while 25% does. 

Manny, how about calculating rates based on these raw numbers you show instead of going campaign by campaign? 


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The objective is to quickly ascertain the effectiveness of campaigns. Ratios/Percentages are quick KPIs for us to use to measure a campaigns effectiveness against other campaigns all on the same page rather than having to open up separate pages for each campaign to see those stats. 

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