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Support email inner template coming from API payload

My company works with a client of yours, Scott's Marketplace. We are planning on sending Review solicitation emails on their behalf through you by doing an HTTP Post to the following endpoint

The email has two parts, which comes from an outer and an inner template. The outer is defined in the Maropost campaign and the inner comes from TurnTo in the JSON payload of the API call. Here is a link to a screenshot example

Instead of having the entire email content body be passed in the API payload, can it be plugged into the campaign content where a placeholder has been defined as shown here?

HI Jehan,

Depends upon what your platform is capable of doing.  Let's have a joint call with our mutual client to discuss options.  Do you want to set up the call, or prefer that I do?

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Hi Manny,

As far as our mutual client is concerned, we already found a workaround to get their emails live and flowing. I opened this ticket at the suggestion of your support person Jane who thought this feature might be nice to have to help other clients in the future. But if you feel a call is still needed, please feel free to set one up. I would be more than happy to join and share whatever insight I can offer.



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