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Retrigger 'Form Event' Journey Trigger


1. Set up a Form

2. Set up a Journey with Retrigger Journey enabled

3. Use the Form Event trigger, add any action and then end.


If a user fills out the form they will go through the workflow correctly, however if they fill it out again, they will not enter the workflow again. If Retrigger Journey is checked, it seems to me as though the user should in fact go through the journey again.


I was planning on setting up a simple Segment to be able to use a Yes/No filter in the journey to take different actions depending on if the user had filled out the form before or not, however since it doesn't retrigger this isn't possible.


What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Doug,

By definition, a contact can be "actively" within a specific journey only once. After the contact has completely flowed through and finished the journey, it can re-enter at any time.  This allowance is what the "retrigger journey" option enables.

Restricting a contact to be active within a journey once at a time prevent accidentally overmessaging a contact which typically leads to spam complaints.

Curious to understand why you want to have conditional logic based on whether a contact has filled out a form or not particularly when by definition the contact had to have filled out the form in order to be within the journey in the first place. 

If not already done so, may i recommend that you reach out to Ben Kuzmaski and explain to him the end goal of what you want to accomplish.  He can provide you with best insights on how to construct a journey for your purposes.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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