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Report on Email Clients

We're re-designing our email templates and would like to optimize for Email Clients with the highest % of users.

The Client data data is currently not aggregated: 

Browser | OS | Device | Device Type

I would like something similar to Email Opens by Device but a futher breakdown by email clients.

Hi George,

Totally understand the request.

Given the explosion in email readership on mobile devices, tracking email opens by email client has become much more difficult and costly because it seems like there's a new mobile device hitting the market every other week. 

We give you the raw data of email opens so that you can determine email clients.  That way you can feed it into your own service that identifying email clients.  You'll get the raw data when you do an export of email campaign openers, and when you make an API call of the same.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Hi there,

To tag on to what George was mentioning - would there be a way for us to look at click engagement by desktop vs mobile vs tablet?

We have recently made quite a few creative changes on our template that would be most impactful to Desktop users, we want to see if Desktop users are clicking more as a result. Is there a way currently to get to that metrics?



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