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Readability or scroll rate in reporting


I would like to know if you have in the roadmap reporting on KPIs such as Readability or scroll rate, it would give us a better view on how our content is performing in email 

Engagement is measured by 4 major metrics, and the 4th is not clciks, but scroll rate or readability:

Open Rate – The more opens, the higher your Engagement Score.

Hard & Soft Bounce Rate 

Unsubscribe & Complaint Rate 

Lateral Scroll Rate – The more deeply they scroll (indicating that they are reading),the higher your Engagement Score.

Looking forward to eharing from you.

Hi Bianca,

Scroll rate is a measurement that can only be captured in web pages, not in email clients.  By definition, email clients do not implement a full HTML browser rendering engine.  Therefore the technologies used to capture that information in web pages cannot be implemented in the HTML code of emails.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Hi Manny,

I understand, is there any other way to calculate engagement for emails that have no real call to action? Maybe time spent or something similar?



Hi Bianca,

Telemetry for email only provides basic data points such as

  • When an email was opened
  • Where it was opened
  • What email client most likely was used to read the email

Same data points for whether or not someone clicked in an email

One thing to note is that the purpose of commercial email has shifted over the past ten years.  It's no longer a stand-alone communication channel.  It is now used to drive traffic to web sites.

If an email doesn't have a real call to action, then the question is "what is the purpose of the email?"  What value is it providing to a person who has an already (over)crowded inbox?  If the purpose of the email is merely to inform, then some metrics I recommend include:
  • Total open rate
  • Unique open rate
  • What percentage of subscriber base read (almost) all your emails versus those who "occassionally" read them
  • Average lifespan of your email list (what is average time between when a person opts in to when he opts out)

Hope this helps

Best regards,
Manny Ju
Vice President - Product and Client Success
Maropost Marketing Cloud

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