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custom reports very difficult to use


I am writing to aprise that custom reports are quite difficult to use as they are built. 

1. When writing a keyword, I expect to select only the campaigns in the filter when hitting SELECT ALL, but it´s not this way, SELECT ALL button selects eveything we sent ever. So I need to go aheah and manually select 30 campaigns eevrytime I run a custom report  (each AB test version is a new campaign as you know). 

2. We really need a date selector that applies to when the campaign was sent, not to the actions. An email marketer must be able to easily export a report of the previous week or month, instead of having to rememebr everything that was sent (we have many project managers using the platform). 

3. Campaigns are not ordered by sent date, I can come across a campaign from thsi week and next one from 1 month ago and then another one from last week. 

Can you please adress urgently these issues? 




Hi Bianca,

I mentioned in a product feature announcement a few weeks ago that we have the "campaign tags" features getting ready to be in production soon.  I believe that this new option will enable you to do the reporting that you mentioned in your post.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Hi Manny,

That is great, cdo you knwo when they will be online? 

How about #2 and #3 in my post? 



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