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[Feature request] Add option for URL properties of "Not processing URL on youtube links"

As a User opening email that was sent via Maropost, I want to be able to open youtube video from the same window and tab, without leaving my email from desktop. 

As a Marketer I want to keep users inside email, if they watch a short video and then they can proceed with another CTA (let's say the watch intro video and then CTA will be to upload the app) 

Here is an example: this is I see in my email: 


This is what's happening if I click (it's like a youtube video popup, without leaving Gmail): 


I consulted with my developer, he said there should be an option in Maropost: 

to choose "not to process the link" when I program URL from the image: 

(I've tested all options and nothing works the way I want): 


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Hi Alsu,

An interesting option.  Even thought it's only for Gmail users, it might be an interesting option to add some time in the future.  

Thanks for submitting.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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