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send time optimization may do more damage than good

Hi Maropost,

i just heard from your support that send time optimization sends to each user based on their open behavior of only the LATEST sent campaign.

this may do more damage than good. consider a case where user A opened the last 100 campaigns on 10am, and then just the very latest campaign he opened on 9pm.

now, the next campaign to be sent with send time optimization will be sent on 9pm, despite the fact that this was a one time thing, and almost always the user opens on 10am.

now, this may cause a snow ball effect where since we now send the next campaigns on 9pm this is when the user might open it and so forth.

this feature will work much more effectively and true to life if the system will evaluate the last 10 campaigns and if 70% of them were opened on 10am, then it will send the next campaign on 10am, even if the very last campaign was opened on 9pm.

Please consider this improvement.



Hi Idan,


Be on the look out for a significant upgrade to our Send-time Optimization feature this year.  We are perfecting our machine-learning algorithmns which will enable us to provide a more accurate definition of "optimization."

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Hi Manny,

great news, i'm glad to hear you're going to make this improvement.




Are these upgrades already implemented? I was going to send out an email this weekend with Send-Time Optimization but am a little apprehensive. 


HI Alexander,

Not yet implemented.  We are continuing to fine-tune the algorithm for "best send time".  We want to make sure that we've fully tuned our algorithm with as much data as possible before making it public.

Best regards,


Vice President - Product Development

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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