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Add in Ability to Email an Export to Specified Address(es)

We have a number of different departments who rely on us to export lists / segments / etc. from Maropost to send to them. Right now our options are:

1) Export whatever content a particular party requires and email it to them as an attachment

2) Create a Maropost account for them and teach them how to navigate to the content they need and export / download them

3) Give them FTP access and use a Data Journey to schedule recurring exports with corresponding FTP Uploads

For the majority of departments in our organization, options #2 and #3 add too much complexity to their day-to-day, so we end up going with #1 most of the time.

It would be awesome if instead of an FTP Upload, we could somehow either:

- Email them once with an unchanging link to download the most recent version of their export (for example if the FTP Upload placed the zipped content somewhere that a browser could access)

- Or send an email with the exported content attached on a recurring basis.

Do either of these options sound like something that would be possible in the future?

Thanks in advance,


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