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Campaign Test Feature Needed

There is a simple feature common to most ESPs that Maropost is missing. That is the ability to quickly and easily send a Campaign Test to a few email addresses by simply entering those emails into a form and clicking "send test"

We send hundreds of campaigns per month and some of those campaigns are on behalf of clients of our's who require tests to be sent to them for approval of the content. Currently we have to send those tests to ourselves and forward them to the client. This forwarding can cause formatting issues, etc in the forwarded emails.

Having the ability to quickly and easily send a test of a campaign to a single, or few emails would be a very useful (and common) feature to see in the Maropost App. I know this can be accomplished using a transactional campaign, but this method is cumbersome and requires a duplication of efforts to create and send an entirely new type of campaign to simply send a direct test.


Merlin Holmes


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This is a huge issue for me as well. Maropost should look update their testing capabilities. 

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