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Segment feature request

We need to be able to isolate specific campaign responders in a segment, but right now the current process is that you have to add many multiples of rules in order to select each campaign you want.

It would be great and a big game-changer if we could have the option to select "Campaign contains" to isolate all campaigns that contain a certain term in their campaign name.

For example, if we knew that all campaigns containing "freebies" were in one segment, we could mail our freebies to the subscribers who are interested without having to constantly update that segment to include any new campaigns (and hunt and peck through an endless list of campaigns to find the right one to add).

This would be great for these Segment filters:


Opens > Campaign

Did Not Open


Clicks > Campaign

Did Not Click

This would greatly aid our ability to provide content that the subscriber wants.

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Bethany, I super agree that using keywords would be a game changer. Also very usefull for clicks (it´s a nightmare trying to get all clicks made in a url present in a few campaigns (let´s say we add a survey at the bottom of some campaigns) . 

What I also consider usefull , and saw in other ESPs, is the posibility to add "has on of the values" (separated by comma) . 

eg: Country has one of the values:  US, CA, UK, NZ, 

instead of using: 

country is equal to: US


country is equal to: CA


country is equal to: UK


country is equal to: NZ



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Hi Bethany,

Thanks for your note.

There is actually an enhancement in my backlog queue for segments that will give you the objective that you wish to achieve.  Soon, there will be the ability to search campaigns based on campaign tag.  By properly tagging your campaigns, you'll enable the platform to automatically select the campaigns without you having to do it manually.  

We've already implemented this feature for custom reports.  Clients really love this new feature because they no longer have to select campaigns one at a time;  they just select the campaign tag and let the system automatically select the campaigns for them.

I recommend that in anticipation of this new addition to segmentation being available you start tagging your campaigns immediately -- if not already doing so now.

Segmenting by "campaign name contains" is not going to be an option.  String-based searches (which this is) is the slowest type of query there is.  Given the number of campaigns you've sent already your query would take a very long time to run.  Campaign tags is the right solution.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Hi Manny,

Thank you for the feedback. I will explore the campaign tags option. When do you think the ability to segment by campaign tags will be implemented?


HI Bethany,

No timeline yet.  We're focusing on more strategic items on our roadmap including:

  • Unique Identifier - a single contact across all the different messaging channels.  Enables marketers to send emails, SMS, and mobile push notifications all to the same contact record
  • Pivot table reporting -- advanced reporting for lists and campaigns.

As we make headway on these items, then other items such as segmentation by campaign tags will come back into the forefront.

Best regards,
Manny Ju
Vice President - Product and Client Success
Maropost Marketing Cloud

Update: this feature was implemented 4/21/2017


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