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New Report or Custom Report Request for Geographic Breakdown


A common request we are getting from our clients when they mail to multiple countries is to see the report BY country. For example, if we send a mailing to Canada, China, New Zealand, Australia, and Uganda, they would like to see the opens/clicks by country. 

Is this possible or a feature that can be added?   We can see results by email provider and number of device users right now. Can we add geographic country and/or state?

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Hey Bethany,

Can you give me an idea of what having this information will enable them to do? How will they take action on this type of information?

We already have location-based segment rules.  It allows marketers to segment their contacts within any specified geographical boundary based on where people were at the time they last opened their emails.  It seems to me that this feature provides better actionable intelligence.

Best regards,


Hi Manny and Bethany,

Allow me to add my comments, as I also consider this feature very interesting

With this we could see where our active users are from at a glimpse. Applying a segment to a report does not give us information on where users are, but only cumulative info. Imagine I send an email to all tier 1 (US; CA; NZ; etc). But where do I get the most opens/clicks from? If we see we sent high volume to US but with low engagement rate, we might decide not sending anymore or lowering the frequency.

+1  to Bethany´s request. :) 



Hi Manny,

Exactly what Bianca said. Our clients often will want to send to specific countries and if they are seeing better results in one country over the other, then they will want to send more to the country that performs the best.

Does that help?

Hi Bethany,

What's the most granular that you would look?  Just at the country?  Anything deeper than that?  i.e. State/Province?  Postal Code?

Best regards,


HI Manny,

We would really use Country and State/Province - if we have the ability for Postal Code how accurate would that be? If it is really accurate, then we could DEFINITELY use that as well.

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