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Built-In support for web fonts

I'd like to take advantage of some great web fonts that are available (Opens Sans, for example), but this currently requires editing the source HTML to link to those resources.  That's not terribly difficult, but I've got a lot of non-technical marketing users that need to use the WYSIWYG or Drag/Drop editors without getting into HTML.

If possible, would love to see built-in support in Maropost's editor tools for a selection of great web fonts.

(it's also unfortunate that Outlook doesn't play nicely with web fonts either)

- Darek

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Hi Darek,

The problem with web fonts, as you pointed out, is that not all email clients support links to external fonts -- MS Outlook being the most eggregious offender.  For that reason, it's going to be tough to implement.

Best regards,


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