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Live character count on Preheader field

Preheader field has a 100 character limit.  However, there is no way for the user to know how many characters they are over the limit.  So the only way to get under the limit, is to remove words, press submit, and hope the system accepts it.  If the system indicates you are over, you need to try again removing more words each time.  This is a very poor user experience.

It would be nice if you had a live count of the current number of characters in that field so the user can easily adjust to be under 100 characters.

This nice user on github has already built this functionality and made it super easy to implement in less than 30 mins with a very small javascript file.

Hey Brad,

Just curious.  Do you have need to have more than 100 characters to preheader?  I found an interesting article regarding the different email clients and the number of characters that they support:

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product and Client Success

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Nope.  Definitely don't need more than 100 characters.  Maybe I didn't do a good job of explaining, but my feature request only has to do with presenting the user with a live count of the number of characters in the preheader field so that they can be sure they are below the 100 character limit without needing to submit the form to find out.

Basically, I'm just advocating for client side validation instead of server side being the only way the user finds out they are over the limit.

Saves unnecessary hits to your server and at the same time is a much better user experience.

Hi Brad,

Absolutely understood your request the first time.  I was just wondering about need for more than 100 characters since Dev Team would be making changes to that field -- that's all.  No worries.

Best regards,


Ok cool.  Thanks Manny!

Hey Manny: 

I too second this request. Just recently I got frustrated with not knowing that I was over the limit until I submitted the campaign. Then I just had to redo it. 

Any updates on whether or not your team will look into implementing this feature? 



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