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Cleansing rule for Mega Clickers

While there is a list cleansing option for mega openers, there is not one for mega clickers. 

We're seeing contacts click every link in our newsletter campaigns (10+) in short periods of time (i.e. 15 seconds) spanning navigation links, social media profile links and the newsletter story links. 

This type of activity is not genuine and is significantly skewing our click reporting metrics. I'd like to see a cleansing rule added to Maropost for mega clickers (i.e. 5 link clicks in less than 30 seconds).

Here is a screenshot from our reporting illustrating this type of activity:


In under 45 seconds, you'll see 15 clicks registered.

 As you can imagine, this can significantly throw off Click Through Rate reporting and winner selection in A/B campaign that are based off of highest click to open or highest click rates. 

Would love to hear if others would benefit from this feature or are also seeing this type of activity/how they are handling it. 


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