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Platform Improvement Suggestions


After using Maropost for a few months I've noticed a few areas that I believe could benefit from improvements in order to make the user interface more friendly, as well as reduce reliance on the support team

Platform Improvements:

  • Admin access to halt mailings in progress - Recently ran into an A/B testing scenario and was being sent to a tester list. I then discovered users do not have the ability to stop A/B deployments during the window where results are being gathered to send to the remainder. IE. Started a test at 2 PM remainder went at 6 PM, realized at 2:30 not the full list was applied wanted to stop mailing. This was impossible without supports intervention. This should be a basic function
  • Host Multiple Images at Once - Currently in order to add images into the image library each image needs to be individually added. Multiple images, or the ability to import a .zip file with multiple images, should be available to reduce time for user
  • More Unified Image Hosting URLs - Images for accounts should be hosted within the same folder structure with the only instance being the file name difference, makes hosting and then inserting images into HTML files easier
  • Overwriting Images - Should be able to overwrite images so when making changes to something such as a company logo it can happen everywhere at once
  • New Content HTML Code Editor - HTML code in this versions should be highlighted and color coded as it is in WYSIWYG
  • Transactional One Off Emails - Ability to send emails that ignore opt/optout preference for transactional account update purposes instead of having to have a separate list.

In addition I believe that there is a large segment issue that should be addressed in the near future as it makes relationship database tables very unwieldy and require a large reliance on SQL Queries.

Segmentation Pulling Data based upon Certain Values

  • We are running into a large problem where we can run backend queries, yet when we try and develop the same query within the Segment tool it is not using the And statements correctly. An example is we are asking everyone that has been flagged with a value, let's say purchase made, on a specific date. Both the value purchase made and the date stamp are in the system within the data table. However when using the AND feature in Segment instead of querying all records that have purchase made on date XX/XX/XXXX it instead pulls all records on XX/XX/XXXX that have ever had a value of purchase made. This logic makes no sense and this is a large issue for segmentation as historical record keeping for users is valid since segment data can't be trusted to populate with correct values. This issue makes relationship database tables mostly useless.

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I super agree, especially in the platform improvements. I would also add here improve reporting, it is very basic at the time being, with no comparative option and applying a segment to a report is time consuming. 

I with you on this @Mdilillo!!!

Greetings everyone,

Just wanted to note that this request has always been available

Transactional One Off Emails - Ability to send emails that ignore opt/optout preference for transactional account update purposes instead of having to have a separate list.

By definition, all transactional messages are triggered via our RESTful API.  You can send transactional messages to contacts as long as they are active contacts in your database.

I've responded to another ticket that we are working on upgrading the user experience for the image library. 

The segmentation feature is one that requires a bit of explanation because people have misinterpretation of how it works.  There is the misconception that the combination of ANDs and ORs of segment rules produces a single SQL statement with a single result set.  This is not how any graphic segmentation works in any platform.

Each segment rule is it's own SQL statement producing its own result set.  The AND operator between segment rules simply determines the intersection between the result sets while the OR operation between segment rules determines the union between the result sets.


  [purchased Product ABC]


  [purchased between 7 and 0 days ago]

is NOT the same as

  [purchased Product ABC between 7 and 0 days ago]

The first segment will return contacts who purchased Product ABC at any time in the past and purchased ANY product last week.

The second segment will return contacts who specifically purchased Product ABC last week.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Development

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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