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Ability to search by name

Would like the ability to search by contact name.  If a prospect calls in and you do not have quick access to his/her email address and want to look up their history and what communications have been sent, would like to do that by name and not email address.

You can do this from the Dashboard down in the right-column but it would be good to have under the contacts section as well.

I will add that you have to type the exact email address otherwise it will not display close matching results, only exact.

Hi Jeff,

Yes - we have "enhanced search" on our list of product enhancements.  We want to make is easier to find contacts, campaigns, content, lists, segments, -- or any other Maropost object via the universal search bar. 

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Development

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Hi Manny,

As this topic is 5 months old now, any EDT ? when this Universal search is planned on your road map ?



Hi Julien,

This request still remains in our Icebox.  However, there are many more higher priority items in the queue ahead.

Thanks for your interest,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Management

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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