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It would be great to be able to download the Heat Map (overlay tab in the campaign report) as a PDF or image. At the least, make the window scrollable to allow for screen capture or minimized zoom. 

It would be great to be able to share a visual heat map where the audience is clicking within the email.

Hi Nick,

Can you please elaborate on the need to make the window of the Overlay report to be scrollable?  I am using Chrome on Windows 10 and the screen is scrollable for me.  Is it not scrolling for you?  Which browser and OS are you using?  

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Development

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Apologies - I should have clarified. It is scrollable within the browser itself, but since it is a window within the browser window, you are unable to do a scrolling screenshot using screengrab software. You can also not select all and copy to show the overlay clicks and percentages, visually. 

As it stands, there isn't a way to share the heat map overlay with a client without physically being logged in to Maropost and sharing a screen.

In past platforms, I've been able to export this type of a report as a PDF.

Currently I can't tell which link works best when I have two links to the same URL. Overlay provides the stat for total clicks to that URL on each link instead of the performance of individual links. I can see the traffic on the URL from GA so the current approach is redundant. This change will help to improve link performance.


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