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[User UX] International Time Management for each user


As an international company, and with an aim to onboard different local team from different timezone in the system,

We are facing a situation where our local user feel not confident at all : the campaign scheduling option.

Indeed, see screenshot:

while you can easily schedule a campaign,

the time management is confusing as there is not timezone option, nor at least "actual system timing" indication.



  1. Optimal : Each user profile can be associated with his local timezon. The system would display all timing and scedulling accordingly
  2. Standard : Timezone management during the schedulling process
  3. Minimal : Current system timing indication at the campaign level
  4. Bonus: permanent system timing indication on the footer (usefull for all "last update" information for all feature such segment refresh, journey etc...



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We need this as well...I've previously submitted a similar timezone request.  Anyone operating outside EST needs this...especially those in multiple countries.

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This feature is available on basic providers as well as other enterprise solutions and has been for years. It's very standard. We deliver to over 50 countries and it's essential that the timezone delivery is respected.

Maybe someone can help us to understand why there's no reply to this feature request or acknowledgement of the requirement.

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