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[User Management] Invitation status in the user list & Resend function


After this situation already happened to me 3 times, and I know more to come, I feel it's time to propose this feature request.


As an Admin, I have to manage the onboarding of new users into the solution.

I. The actual list of user in the "Account Settings" section only display active users = the one who already accepted the invitation.

Moreover, this list shows users who connected at least once, but we have no indication of whether or not they continue to use it. As an admin, it's therefore hard to check if some users need assistance / re incentive etc..

II.Operational problem : 

II.A > as an admin, I can't see people I already sent invitation in the past

II.B > as an admin, I can't resend an invitation to people that have been invited once, but did not accepted at that time ==> there is no "resend invitation"

III.C > as an admin, I even can't re-add a user that already got once the invitation, as i receive an error message "the user already...."


The 2 latest lead to a situation when I have to contact Maropost Support Team to make it happens which is both

A lost of time for myself and lost of time for your support team.

Solution / Feature Request

Solution MVP

  • Display "Pending User" in the list
  • Add a "Resend Invitation button"


Solution Bonus

  • MVP+ Latest connection information for all users


thanks in advance for your consideration


We need this feature also.....I've gone through the same thing many times now trying to get users added to the account when they don't receive the verification email from Maropost for whatever reason (no it's not in their junk/spam folder either).

One more time.

Quick up ? This is a basic feature for managing user invitation on a saas solution...

Hi Julien, Derek,

Agree that adding a "resend invitation" option for the account admin is a feature that can/should be implemented.  At present, all development resources are focused on items on our strategic roadmap.  When we have available resources, we will address your concern.

Best regards,


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