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[Risk Management] Improve UX for campaign recipients selection


While Maropost is not offering segment/list restriction management to the campaign level, we however have been able to build sub-segment and internal workflow to reduce the risk a user from a country send an email to a segment or a list to some recipients in other countries.

We are however facing a risky situation during the campaign management, especially during the phase of campaign brand settings and the recipients settings.


  • We manage a multi brand account with the brand settings
  • We are an international company, where some country have their own local marketing team handling the communication to their local subscribers.

When in the campaign settings process, obviously, we have to select the "brand" of the campaign.





By selecting the brand, all branded list are automatically selected, which represents a high risk in the process. 

Moreover this is not corresponding to a standard emailing process : it's pretty rare a campaign would be sent to ALL lists from a brand at the same time : that's why we manage different lists.



This automatic selection should not happen at all:

  1. It would emphasis the responsibilities of the user to select the appropriate recipients, and only those ones.
  2. This would absolutely solved the risk a local user forget to unselect the lists he should not send the campaign too.


If you did not clicked previously on "select all", the option "Deselect all" is not displayed.

Always displaying both options would be useful.


Thanks for your consideration,

and hopefully a resolution to decrease the risk represented.



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Again - I agree....I ran into this issue recently, the automatic list-selection causes problems (potentially big when a list is emailed that should be).

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