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Issues with new UI


Today the UI was updated and it is giving me some firly serious issues.

1. When scheduling a new campaign, it is quite a bit harder to see which lists and segments are selected and remove the ones I do not want to use.

You have to either... click the box to open the list, then click the list you want to add, then the box closes, and you have to do the whole process over again for each list you want to add (23 in my case)

Or, you can click select all, and they will all be there in blue bubbles that are pretty hard to read and then remove the ones you dont want. Having the list with the check boxes was way easier to use before.

2. When scheduling a new A/B campaign, I have the added issue that it is almost impossible to find the piece of content I want to use for each group. They do not drop down in any kind of logical order.

I find the last version of the UI way more user friendly

It took me something like 4 times as long as usual to schedule my outgoing campaigns today....

Anything you can do to help me with this would be much appreciated.


Jim Rowley

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We also have this same issue.

The process for loading up a campaign is drastically less user friendly than before.

The Sidebar is cluttered up with all the options vs. the old organized tab method of the old version.

The amount of space that I have to view the lists I have selected (which range from 2 - 14) is too small and selecting them from the dropdown is a pain.

I'm all for updates, but this one makes the process worse and not better. What is going to be done to correct this?

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Is there anything being done to address the issues with the new UI? The UX is quite frankly, horrible. 

When attempting to add audiences I can't see what I'm adding at all. And what's up with the small, light font weight + italics? It makes for readability issues on that light blue background.

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