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[Users management] Improve users management with some "User roles"


As project leader in the deployement of Maropost within our company, and accros 3 different business units (with 3 different accounts then), I got the Admin function of the 3 accounts.

This is good: I need to do and coordinate some setups for these accounts.


I am the only Admin of the accounts.


Each of the 3 business units have their own key users that coordinate their own use of the solution, but do not benefits of some admin and/or sub-admin rights


Inviting their own collaborators to the plateforms managing some folders privacy etc...

Features Request:

#1 > In the Users management part, each user could get a User Role with a package of Privilege

#2 > management loal/geotargeting responsibilities with some associateds privacy folders would be ideal

#3 minimum > add in the privileges list the "Invite" users features for instance


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