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Drag & Drop Editor - Reusable custom component library

Could greatly benefit from a feature where we can create our own library of re-usable components to select from and add to email content.

The Dynamic Areas are similar to this in that they can be built once and then re-used….but they are not quite the same as the proposed feature because if you modify a dynamic area in one email then it’s changed everywhere it is used.

MailChimp has a nice feature where you can build basic elements/sections, save them, and then add them ad-hoc into a piece of email content (and then modify that element without changing the base element saved in the component library).   In Maropost’s WYSIWYG editor, an html-savvy developer could copy/paste the HTML section they want to replicate….but this is particularly a problem in the D&D editor…where non-technical users could really benefit from additional building blocks to choose from.  The D&D editor doesn’t allow for this selection of re-usable sections (unless that piece was already built within the same email content/template and then duplicated….but that’s not the most user friendly process).



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During a chat and workshop with Manny, we request the same important feature. We totally +1 this topic

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Hi there,

Any news about this game changer feature that would help to produce more emails by non HTML-savvy whille still keeping the CI and good style formating developed by our HTML-savvy people?



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Hi Darek, Julien,

Yes -- the ability to create your own components and add them to your DnD Editor is definitely on our radar.  Take a look at This is the new customizable plug-in that we are going to use to replace our current DnD Editor.   One of the cool features about this editor is that it is highly extensible.  You can create your own components and add them to your own library.    Check out their online demo to see why we're so excited about it. :-)

We are targeting baseline functionality of this new editor by end of month.  From there, we will continue to iterate on its capabilities.

Best regards, 

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Management

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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