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[User Management] implementing user privileges in mobile push per application

Hello Team, 

requesting to implement user privileges to see the "Action" buttons & "platforms" in push application. any user can edit the app settings and make the feature not to work. and for go live again it requires to update the app code to match the setting and hard release. please see attachment see what part is been requested. 

Thank you in advance. 

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In general there need to be many & much more granular privileges/permissions settings available within the UI so specific elements can be set to be accessed or not by users and viewable vs. editable.

Like a "view only" user who can see everything but not edit any settings with items (email content, campaign settings, mobile app settings, etc).

Hi Mohammen, Darek,

We have more fine-grained user access control in our new product, Maropost Sales Cloud.  It is my hope that we consider the possibility of implementing similar user access controls in Maropost Marketing Cloud.  The approval to proceed will depend upon the level of effort to implement given the existing constraints of MMC architecture.

Best regards,


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