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Segments - alphabetize the drop down menus

When creating segments using the dropdown menus, the items are not alphabetized causing extra time to scan through the lists. Please alphabetize all dropdowns.

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Hi Tamra-Lee,

Agree that the display is not user-friendly.  Unfortunately simply alphabetizing will not solve the main problem which is giving the user an easy to follow list of options.  We are still working on a way that allows us to display the options in a manner that they are logically grouped together -- e.g. Opened, Opens, Did not Open and then Website, Webfunnel and Conversion are grouped together.

We're continuing to work on our user interface to make it easier and more intuitive.  Hoping that we can get something worked out.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Management

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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