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Custom default footer per brand

I see where I can create a custom footer and set it as default.

A couple of wish list items:

  • Right now the "Drag and Drop" content creator does not default to my default footer... it'd be cool if it did, the same way the WYSIWYG editor does
  • It'd be cool to be able to set a different default footer per brand... we own two brands, a health brand and a survival brand, and having them share the same default footer is kind of clunky

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Hi Eric,

The Drag and Drop editor should default to your default footer. However, as I'm sure you've noticed, the footer editor only has a WYSIWYG editor - it does not have a drag and drop interface.  

I've debated on what is best option for the footer in the case of the drag and drop editor -- your feedback would be helpful.  The vast majority of our clients using the Drag and Drop editor have their footers tightly integrated into the design of the email body.  They simply create a new grid at the bottom of their emails an insert the footer contents there.  What are your thoughts about this approach?

Maropost Marketing Cloud's object model associates the footer with the content, and the brand with the campaign.  This is a fundamental design constraint that cannot be changed.   By definition, a Brand is used to control settings at the campaign level -- the link tracking domain, the DKIM header, the Brand-specific Do Not Mail list, and the IP address that the campaign is sent from.  It is not used to control anything about Content since by design in our object model, content can be used in any type of campaign.  

Do you use the same content for each of your two different brands?  Do you use different content for each brand?  If the latter, then would creating two separate footers -- one for each brand be the right solution?

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Management

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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