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Custom reports - need Web Analytics parameters included

We need to export reporting data via custom reports from Maropost and sync it up line-by-line for each campaign with web analytics data (Google Analytics in my case).  The key to matching these are the web analytics parameters so need them included for each campaign line.

This is currently a manual process, but ultimately my goal is to automate this where the custom report is exported to FTP site, then picked up and consumed by an analytics system (PowerBI in my case) that pairs up the Maropost data to our website analytics data for the full-funnel view of email performance.

Addendum:  would be nice to apply web analytics parameters to each Campaign rather than by piece of Content.

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Hi Darek,

Can we come up with a different solution to give you what you need?  Perhaps campaign tags?  You can tag a campaign with as many tags as you want.

We purposely don't store web analytic parameters with links in our database.  The reason is that many of our clients will personalize the query parameter value of their tags. Hence, for a campaign, there will be a hundred thousand links associated with a campaign, all with a click count of 1 -- instead of a single link witih a click count of 100,000. 

Also -- the reason why we don't provide web analytic query string parameter for the campaign is that in our object model, a campaign "contains" a content.  (I know that other ESPs define campaign and content as one and the same).  Hence, a campaign only contains a reference to the content but not the content itself.  Therefore it is impossible in our object model to apply a web analytic query string parameter to the links within a content.

I am considering an enhancement to the platform that lets you define a global setting for the web analytic query string parameters at the account level.  Then within any given content, you can either stick with the global setting, or override it in that specific content.

What do you think?  A worthwhile effort? :-)

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Management

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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