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Custom Report: need way to create recurring report that includes new campaigns

We need a way to create a regularly scheduled custom report (daily/weekly/monthly) that includes all activity for the specified we can setup this report and never run it manually again.

I'd like to set up a recurring custom report with a rolling time period of yesterday, or last 7 days, or last month.  Report should include ALL account activity on all campaigns.

Current recurring custom reports do not automatically include new campaigns sent since the report was setup.  So after you setup a recurring report you will only get data on those campaigns that previously existed, not for any campaigns afterwards.

I've been told I could use a campaign tag as a workaround....but for this to work I would need to be able to specify default campaign tags to be applied to all campaigns.  Leaving this up to various users to manually check a "reporting" campaign tag every time they send a campaign (as with the current feature set) is a no-go.



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Hi Darek,

Campaign Tags is the proper solution.  I understand the constraint that you've mentioned however, this is needful.  

Because of the billions of emails that Maropost Marketing Cloud sends, simply selecting campaigns for a report by no other means than date range has much too high of a performance cost overhead.  At least one additional parameter to filter the universe of campaigns for the report is required.

To lessen the discomfort, we are getting ready to introduce the ability to retroactively tag a campaign.  It is currently in the QA cycle and will be in production soon.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Management

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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