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Changes IgnitionOne would like to see

There are quite a few things I would like to see changed or have something new.

Custom Reporting

  1. The dates in custom reporting should be mm/dd/yy hh:mm for US customers. Excel won't change it and its a manual fix for us.
  2. Having a checkbox to only generate emails for the timeframe you selected. Its quite annoying to comb through hundreds of emails you don't need.
  1. When creating a new/copying a segment, a campaign, or etc, it would be nice that it goes into the folder you are working with and not the main folder. 
  2. You should be able to schedule a recurring email with 0 counts. 

Tracy Morgan


HI Tracy,

Thanks for your input.  Some feedback for you

Custom Reports

  1. Date/time is actually in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format in the file that we created.  Excel does the automatic translation according to your default settings.  We have lots of international clients, so we provide a generic formatting.
  2. By "emails" I'm assuming you mean "campaigns."  Yes - this feature already exists when you use campaign tags.  Maropost Marketing Cloud sends billions and billions of emails.  Simply selecting by date range alone is totally impractical.  Have you tried using the "Campaign Tags" feature?  It allows you to automatically select campaigns that have been thusly tagged.  If not currently using, here's a quick note how to tag campaigns  And here's a note how to use them when running custom reports:  


  1. Agreed.  This is totally annoying. :-)  We have an enhancement request already in the queue.  No ETA that I can give you, as the team is totally allocated working on roadmap items.
  2. We will never allow this.  It is a built-in safety feature that prevents clients from accidentally sending to incorrect audience.  Yes; the audience can and will change in between the time that the campaign is scheduled to when it is sent -- including for recurrring campaigns.  However, we will not remove the safety feature.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Management

Maropost Marketing Cloud


Here is my response:

Custom Reports

1. I've checked my default setting and my dates are MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM. If i'm missing something i'm not aware of, any advice would be helpful. This is really inconvenient when looking at the report and having to do a manual change to the date. 

2. We use campaign tags but to have a campaign tag for every day or week is not something we would do. Being able to only pull the campaigns during the time frame we select is ideal for us and not impractical. Besides campaign tags, how else can we select the campaigns we want without looking through a list of sent campaigns?


1. Good to know. Glad it's on the road map.

2. Well, you make it very inconvenient for those looking to schedule a trigger(recurring) knowing you have 0 counts at the time of scheduling but will at some point in the future. This forces us to run the segment daily until we get a count to schedule and this can be easily overlook if our day is a busy one. Not sure how this is a safety measure when you can easily select a different segment that you are looking for in a not so great drop down list organization. 



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