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Please make the a/b reports data show up in order of date, NOT in order of setup

Hi Maropost,

we've asked for this before, and it's a really annoying feature of Maropost reporting... but for some odd reason, your engineers chose to have data in the a/b reports show up in the order that the campaigns were setup, instead of by true sequential date.

for example, if when setting up campaigns, we setup the June 30th campaign now (simply because we have that ready to setup), and then we setup June 14th next, and then June 25th, etc... when the data shows in a/b reporting, it will show in this order:

june 25

june 14

june 30

which makes it extremely hard on our eyes to find the correct data.

the a/b reports SHOULD be showing data by sequential DATE and not by the order that we set up the campaigns...

so it should ALWAYS be showing data like this:

june 14

june 13

june 12

june 11

There's not a single client you have that would prefer their data to show in a random order, based on which campaigns they set up first vs last... every single client you have wants their data to show up in the correct sequential date.

This is very bothersome for us when we're trying to find our data, and we've asked for this to be fixed in the past, but nothing has been done about it yet.

Can you let us know when this will be fixed in the reporting?


Michael Geary
President - Irollie Marketing LLC, PaleoPlan LLC & Paleohacks LLC

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Hi Mike,

I just had email conversation with Ed about this topic.  

The default view of the Campaigns index screen is the Recently Modified view.  By definition, it is therefore sorted by Updated At with the most recently updated campaign listed first.  I believe that the Scheduled view of the Campaigns index screen is the more appropriate one that may better suit your purposes.  I took at a look at view just now and noticed that it too is sorted by Updated At.  I am recommending that changing the default sort order of the Scheduled view to Sent At with the nearest send date/time listed at the top is the right solution.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Management

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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