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Send Journey Campaigns only on Weekdays


It would be extremely desirable to be able to send journey campaigns only on weekdays. Our previous email provider did have this feature and it is something that we have incorporated into our strategy. It was disappointing when recreating our automated campaigns in Maropost and then discover that this feature was not an option. 

Thank you.


Pedro Reyes

Try creating a journey with 5 triggers....each one a Segment Event....each one set to trigger for 1 of the 5 weekdays.  I've setup journeys that trigger weekday campaigns this way.

- Darek

Hi Pedro -- Seems like a useful option.  However, "weekday vs. weekend" gets tricky to quantify because contacts live all over the world.  One contact's weekday is another contact's weekend though they are both receiving the same email.  

Hi Darek -- Thanks for sharing your technique.  Definitely seems like a viable option.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Management

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Thank you Darek and Manny. I'll play around with what has been suggested to see if that works for us.



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