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Date Capture in Journey - Last clicked / Last Opened

I am hoping to automatically field called "last clicked" or "last opened" based on the date on which that activity occurs. 

Initially I created a journey for this but liquid script is not allowed in this feature. The idea is what when someone clicked/opened, they would enter the journey and the curr date would be assigned to the contact field.

I would like a way to do achieve this goal.

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I need this functionality as well....applying a "date/timestamp" to a data field as a user flows through a Journey.  I also thought liquid scripting would work for this, but no.  The closest I have come to this is assigning a contact-tag in a Journey (the tag has a timestamp)....but I'm not able to reference the timestamp of the contact-tag as I would like to (whereas I could in a data field), and I'm not able to export that timestamp in any way.  I'm trying to keep track of when users take certain actions (like opt-in on a custom form)....which would be ideal for things like GDPR-compliance (including exporting that data).

- Darek

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