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Ability to Create Templates Using New Drag and Drop Program

While I understand the updated drag and drop system isn't available for building templates, I think it'd be incredibly useful for our situation. With so many users in different departments in our organization, we're trying to streamline our look and feel by limiting the email designs that those users are allowed to use by providing them with a folder of approved templates. If they had to create their emails from scratch every time, it would duplicate a lot of the work involved with building an email.

We could probably achieve a similar goal by having users clone approved content, but at that point, what's the point of having a templates section at all?

Thank you!

Hi Alison,

Help is on the way!  :-)

We have plans to introduce the new Drag and Drop Editor as a template editor.  Once we do so, then you can create a template that locks down certain blocks from being editable when users attempt to create content using that template.  It's a real handy feature to create a library of templates that your users can choose from.  By locking down blocks from being editable, you can help prevent "accidental" deletions and changes.

Right now, the team is focused on working out all the kinks with the new editor.  Once done, they will throw all their attention at using the same editor for creating reusable templates.

Best regards,

Manny Ju

Vice President - Product Management

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Manny!! You are making my day right now. That's an excellent feature that I'm SO excited to leverage! :)



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