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Add an /ab_campaigns endpoint to the API

I have a campaign (id=3439) that has an AB test as part of it. The A and B treatments for this AB campaign have ids=3440 and 3441 respectively.

I need to pull sends data for the 'main' part of the campaign and for the AB tests.

I pull a list of campaigns from the API via the /campaigns endpoint. This result set only includes id=3439, and not the ids 3440 and 3441. 

I am told by support that I need to hit the reports/ab_reports endpoint to get a list of all AB campaigns. The current problem is that this API endpoint times out for even small date ranges, and this gives me more information than I need anyway (total sends, clicks, etc). 

I only need a list of all campaign IDs that exist for my account. Either adding an /ab_campaigns endpoint that would return the ids 3440 and 3441 would be helpful, or including those IDs with the object with id=3439 that is returned from the /campaigns endpoint would be sufficient.

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