How to create a Template?

In order to create a Template, please follow the steps below:

1) Kindly hover on M logo and click on Emails.
2) Hover on Content tab at the top and Click on Add Template.
3) Here you can create content accordingly, mention the Name and the Tag at the top of the Template and click save.
Once created, the saved template will be available in the Templates drop down while creating a New content.

Note: The tag you mention must be in lowercase alphabets, numbers or underscores.The purpose of the tag is that you can use that template in another template "using the tag" which will display the same template. Please refer to the image below:

4) Then you can design the desired template you want to create.

5) At the bottom of the page, you will find Editors(Chosen Ones who are permitted to make the changes).

Now if you want to grant permission to someone in order to edit the template then you can do that here before saving the template. Else other users won't be able to edit the template except you (being the creator of the template) and the Admin.

6) Click on Save button in order to save the Template.