Priority send is one of the 5 different scheduling options that Maropost Marketing Cloud offers to its diverse clientele. Using any of the below-mentioned options, our clients can send campaigns to their contacts based on their time zone, engagement, preference etc.

Priority send is generally preferred over others owing to its fast sending speed. However, a marketer must decide to use any of the below-mentioned options, based on their business requirements and the type of audience being targeted.

  • ‘PRIORITY SEND’ is the fastest method for sending your campaigns.
     Maropost will send the campaign to all the contacts in the lists, with your most engaged contacts receiving the campaign first and the least engaged contacts receiving it at the end, for stronger inbox delivery. A campaign can either be scheduled by choosing the date/time and clicking on ‘Schedule’ or can be sent right away by leaving the date/time box blank, clicking on ‘schedule’ and then on "send now".

    Note: The priority send box should be checked before hitting ‘schedule’ and ‘send now’.


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