Sent Time Optimization send is one of the 5 different scheduling options that Maropost Marketing Cloud offers to its diverse clientele. Using any of the below-mentioned options, our clients can send campaigns to their contacts based on their time zone, engagement, preference etc. 

SENT TIME OPTIMIZATION: This option sends a campaign to the recipients at the time when they are most engaged. This option allows to schedule the campaign at any time and deliver over 24hrs based on our internal engagement algorithm. For example, if a contact opened a campaign at 10 am last time, then the next campaign will be delivered to him at exactly 10 am. The campaign can either be scheduled by selecting the date and clicking on ‘Schedule’ or can be sent right away by leaving the date blank and clicking on ‘Send Now’.

Note: For contacts who do not have any open history stored in Maropost Marketing Cloud, will be sent the campaign according to EST time zone.

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